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Contract CMO

complete marketing leadership for companies with big dreams

Growth doesn't happen by chance. It starts at the top, with good marketing leadership.


Top brand companies already know it. It takes discipline + expertise to set a clear strategy and execution plan. To innovate and help teams bring their best work. To instill a customer-first mindset that delivers powerful insights.

And if your growth needs to accelerate, this leadership depth is more important than ever.

I help brands grow.
And businesses run
better, faster, smarter.

As a contract CMO, I take on complete marketing ownership, and sometimes sales. I'll help your brand rise above the market noise and drive business growth. 


frequently guide brands through transitions, such as launch or scale-up, stalled revenue, and even leader or team turnover. 

My goal is also to lighten the mental load for the CEO. I'll tackle whatever's needed, marketing or beyond, to get the business where it should be.



Katie Fagan, The Other CMO


A full-stack, classic brand marketer by training, I've spent 20+ years building brands and helping businesses in a variety of B2C + B2B markets (consumer healthcare, fintech, higher ed, SaaS, industrial manufacturing, and even art), through both digital + traditional channels. 

Demand gen, analytics, and innovation are my special sauce...but mostly, I have a passion for understanding why people make a specific choice for something, in a given moment.

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Services & Capabilities

I work with a very limited client roster, so that I can be immensely valuable and incredibly available.


We'll get your brand and marketing operating at a high level, to build both near-term wins and long-term value.

Marketing team training.jpeg

Contract Leadership 

I step in as full marketing leader, assess gaps and weaknesses, develop a plan, bring on any necessary partners, and oversee implementation. And as you grow, I can continue building your permanent marketing function. 

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Strategic Advisory

A demand gen strategy for young brands, a growth plan for stalled brands, optimizing brand impact from acquisition or merger. In this engagement, I serve as advisor to the CEO to work through a specific challenge

Katie is strategic and intentional with her approach. She helped us think critically about our target audience and how to measure success.
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